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Message from APA MN's Diversity and Equity Committee

January 2023

Dear APA MN members,

There are few words that as co-chairs of the Diversity and Equity Committee we can say to underscore the gravitas of the situation in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Many communities are without transit access, grocery stores, restaurants, and places of community resources. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has already made so many people vulnerable, and now those same people are faced with even more barriers to essential items. As planners we all know how important infrastructure like transit, walkable neighborhoods with businesses and grocery stores and the jobs that those places provide are. Since we don’t feel like there is much we can say, we want to find something we can do. Our committee has put together a list of actions you can do to be involved and give back during this time.

  • We hope you will consider donating to causes which give back to those in need, we’ve selected a few that we know are doing great work, but please feel free to choose another.
  • We encourage you to find places to donate good and supplies and find out how you can help neighborhood efforts to clean up and rebuild.
  • Most importantly, we implore you to take time to learn about how you can be a better ally to people in your community and other planners who may not look like you. We all have room to grow and learn, now is the time. The list of reading materials and videos we’ve included isn’t comprehensive, but it’s a start. Sometime, all we need to do is start.

Our committee will continue to push out resources and opportunities to connect over the next few weeks. Please reach out in the meantime for support and any questions you may have.
Thank you for the work that you do,

Kendra Elner, AICP; Michelle Lincoln, AICP
Emily Goellner, AICP (past committee co-chair)

About the Diversity and Equity Committee

The Diversity and Equity Committee is tasked with developing and executing an association-wide plan for how we better promote the understanding and practices of diversity and equity, both within and outside the planning community and profession. Check this site for upcoming events and other opportunities to be involved.

Diversity and Equity Committee 2024 Work Plan

Diversity and Equity Committee Co-Chairs:

Kendra Ellner, AICP

Michelle Lincoln, AICP