APA Minnesota supports:

Sustainable multimodal transportation enhancing access and mobility

  • Increased funding for multi-modal transportation, including both urban and rural areas and covering capital investment in all modes, including roads and bridges, transit, air, rail and port facilities, and pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure.
  • Prioritization of road maintenance and safety improvements over significant expansion of the highway system.
  • Mileage-based user fees, which will be necessary as fuel efficiency improves and as electric vehicles become more prevalent.
  • State legislation that enables value capture for transit oriented development, so that municipalities can maximize return on transportation investments and build livable communities that do not require use of a car.
  • Buildout of a well-planned public transportation system in the Twin Cites metro area that includes light rail transit, bus rapid transit, and local bus improvements in order to improve access to jobs, elevate the region’s competitiveness on a national scale, and enhance the state’s economic vitality.
  • Changes to Municipal State Aid design standards intended to allow county and municipal governments to employ context-sensitive design that accommodates and promotes bicycling and walking.
  • Implementation and strengthening of the MNDOT complete streets policy by incorporating bicycles and pedestrians into road and bridge projects as well as proactively identifying and constructing stand-alone facilities statewide.
  • Prioritization of bicycle, pedestrian, and transit improvements to neighborhoods and communities with low rates of vehicle ownership in order to improve access for disadvantaged populations.