APA Minnesota supports:

Livable communities made up of affordable and inclusive neighborhoods.

  • Providing sufficient funding for low income and work-force housing through tax credits and/or passage of a bonding bill in the next legislative session to fund General Obligation bonds for Public Housing and Housing Infrastructure Bonds.
  • Incentives and legislative changes to encourage racial and economic integration in communities and neighborhoods, including:
    • Changes in MHFA rules and practice to direct housing assistance to communities and neighborhoods where housing projects will promote integrated neighborhoods;
    • Changes in infrastructure and economic development programs providing incentives for community-wide integration approaches such as inclusionary zoning; and
    • Changes in enabling law applying to inclusionary zoning to provide for the option of making a payment to a locally administered fund for affordable housing in lieu of providing affordable housing as part of the site (similar to parkland dedication requirements).
  • Programs and incentives to maintain healthy housing quality through the adoption of building and housing codes in Minnesota communities to promote affordable, integrated, and healthy neighborhoods.
  • Programs and incentives to provide life-cycle housing for seniors that can be developed in ways that promote independent housing and aging in place.