Northwest Associated Consultants, Inc.

Golden Valley, MN United States

New Position!

As our municipal P&Z client and workload continues to increase, NAC is looking to fill a new planning position with a wide variety of duties and opportunities for growth.  We are seeking a professional individual with a solid background in zoning and building plan review, exceptional writing and analysis skills, and thorough familiarity with GIS and related software.  We are a community of planners, however, our staff has educational and career experience in geography, architecture, landscape architecture, land use law, and engineering.  We would love to add your unique experiences to our team.

The person filling this role will be responsible for representing NAC to our clients at public meetings, preparing planning reports for a full range of planning, zoning, and subdivision applications, and assisting other staff with these and other projects.  Our municipal clients rely heavily on our advice and experience on a wide variety of projects, including development applications, planning or land use design projects, zoning and subdivision ordinance review, amendment, and updating, to name just a few.  Moreover, those clients range from small rural towns to larger first-ring suburbs, and many have been NAC clients for 40 years. 

We highly value creative thinking, and the ability to anticipate the needs of the communities we serve.  If you have municipal planning/CD department experience, and are looking to increase the variety of projects and communities you serve please contact us!  We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, an informal office environment, and a keen interest in your ideas.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Education:          Degree in Planning/Community Development (undergrad or graduate), advanced degree preferred but not required.

Experience:        2 years minimum in municipal planning, with excellent public speaking background.

Experience Level
Mid I (1-4 years)
AICP Level
Land Use and Development Regulation and Zoning
Salary Range
Commensurate with experience

Contact Information

Stephen Grittman
4150 Olson Memorial Highway
Suite 320
Golden Valley, MN
United States