Planning Connects Minnesota

September 25-27, 2019
Breezy Point Resort, Breezy Point, MN



AICP Exam Prep

Developers and Planners: Partners in City-Building

Using Demonstration Projects to Advance Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Implementation

Envisioning the Future of West 7th Street through Innovative Design Solutions

The Role of Immigration in Planning

Myers Briggs Type Indicator - Understanding Yourself and Others in Decision-Making

Traffic Studies: Often Required, but What Do They Tell Us?

Here Comes the Neighborhood: Planning for Change in Rural Communities

Creating an ADU-Friendly City

Whose Public Lands? Design a Wildlife Management Area with the Minnesota DNR

Complete Streets from the Grassroots!

APA Minnesota 2019 Award Winner Project Overviews
Innovation in Planning - Vision Zero and Pedestrian Crash Studies
Excellence in Community Engagement - Red Wing 2040 Community Plan
Planning in Context - Envision in Shakopee

Reconnecting Neighborhoods: A Community-Initiated Process to Improve Crossings of I-94 between Seward and the West Bank in Minneapolis

‘In the Thick of it’ - Surviving and Thriving Complex, Contentious Projects Personally and Professionally

What Minnesota Planners Can Learn From the Rest of the Country (and They Can Learn From Us)

Using Data to Prioritize Bicycle Facility Investments Across Minnesota

Using the Minnesota Compass Build-Your-Own Geographic Profile Tool


Next Generation Public Engagement: Guess What, It’s Still About Relationships

Shaping Communities through Park Planning

Do it Yourself Development Planning

Walking and Biking for All Ages and Abilities in a First Ring Suburb: The Edina Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

The Future of Single Family Housing in Planning

Beauty and the Beast: Planning by Design or by Market Reality
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Nice Bike Route…but What Does It Connect To? Quantifying, Mapping, and Prioritizing Low-Stress Bicycle Access to Destinations for the St. Louis Park Mobility Action Report, an Element of Their Comprehensive Plan Update

Resilience Hubs: Emerging Strategies in Public-Private Partnership for Community Resilience and Emergency Response

Artists on Main Street: A Participatory Approach to Community Development through Placemaking

A Genuine Opportunity: Making Opportunity Zones Work for Minnesota Communities

After 50 Years of Marriage, How Is the State-Local Government Shoreland Management Relationship Doing?

Certified Sites: A Case for Community Involvement

Speed Session
Bridging Generations in our Workplaces
Revitalizing Rural Food Systems and Water Quality with Emerging Crops
Keeping Preservation Relevant: Your Voice in the Statewide Historic Preservation Plan Update
3D Engagement: Using 3D Physical Models to Overcome Communication Barriers and Improve Our Built Environment
Beyond the Property Line: Designing Bus Stops

2019 Legislative and Law Overview

Evolved Humans or Evolved Roads; Creating More Forgiving and Inclusive Roadways


Minnesota DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen


The Watershed Approach: A New Path for Regional Planning

Rural and Suburban Approaches to Providing Affordable Housing in Scott County

Innovations in Engagement for Mille Lacs Lake Management Planning

How Can Emerging Transportation Technologies Improve Equity and Quality of Life? Meeting New Mobility Head On

Transportation Equity - What Does It Mean and How Do We Work Toward It?
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Don’t Fear the Renter: Creating Communications That Resonate with All of Your Community

Music History as a Preservation Catalyst

Serious Trivia: A Refresher on Planning History, Theory, and Topics

Balancing and Managing Your Parking Needs

APA Planning Home Initiative

Engaging Diverse Communities in Planning Initiatives
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Bring It Back to the Office: How You Can Support Women in Planning

Planning for Connected Vehicles Can’t Forget Freight
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Game of Zones: The Fun, Interactive Way to Learn About Building Homes for Families


Power of Engagement: Community Energy Planning and Disclosure Policy in Action

Preventing Displacement During an Affordable Housing Crisis: A Deep Dive into Minneapolis’ New Renter Protection Ordinances and Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH) Programs

Regulating Design: Code Development for Exterior Building Materials

Working Together for Walkability: A Community's Perspective

EV Ready Minnesota

New Guides to Advance Active Transportation in Minnesota

Branding Your Plan

The Battle for Midway

Healthy Communities: From Plans to Implementation

Corridor Urbanism: New Life for Old Corridors

Tidying Up: Do Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions Spark Joy?

Signs…The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly