Gunnar C. Isberg

Gunnar C. Isberg (1932‐2003)
Education: Roosevelt University, Bachelor degree in Political Science, 1962
University of Illinois School of Law, 1964
University of Illinois, Bachelor degree in Urban Planning, 19661

Gunnar C. Isberg was a mainstay in the Minnesota planning community for most of his career. He spent many years working in the public sector, including the Metropolitan Council, Dakota County, St. Paul, Rochester‐Olmsted County, and the Metropolitan Waste Commission. Mr. Isberg also worked for private consulting firms, including SMSQ Consulting, IRC Planners, and Gunnar Isberg and Associates. Mr. Isberg was active in his local communities and the State. He was elected to the Northfield City Council, and served on the Eagan Planning Commission, Southeastern Rural Initiatives, the energy‐land use‐transportation committee of the Minnesota League of Cities, the Governor’s Committee on Land Use, and the energy and natural resources committee of the National League of Cities. He was a member of the American Planning Association and the Minnesota Planning Association, serving as vice‐ president of the Minnesota Planning Association, and president of the Minnesota Chapter of the American Planning Association. Gunnar Isberg authored the book, “Local and Regional Planning in Minnesota” in 1975, with a second edition in 1980. This book was on the syllabus for most college planning courses in Minnesota for two decades. Mr. Isberg also contributed numerous articles to professional publications throughout his career. The Gunnar Isberg Student Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate or graduate students pursuing an education at a school or university in the State of Minnesota in planning or planning related field. Review criteria include Excellence in Reputation, Excellence in Academic Achievement, Involvement in the Planning Field and Dedication to the Professional Organization outside of school. The scholarship was established by the Isberg family to recognize Mr. Isberg’s devotion to planning. The scholarship is aptly named, as Mr. Isberg was passionate about the field of planning. He used his professional and volunteer positions, and his writings as an advocate for the profession, and to educate the public about planning.