Current RFPs/RFQs

Request for Proposals: Review of Land Use and Zoning Code

The City of Windom is seeking proposals from firms with expertise in the area of municipal land use ordinances who are interested in performing a review of the City’s Land Use Codes: Chapters 151 “Subdivisions” and 152 “Zoning”. A copy of the City’s current codes is on our website at

The City is interested in a contract agreement with a third-party consultant to review and make recommendations on updating the City’s Subdivision and Zoning Codes. Recent residential, commercial and industrial construction projects and proposed developments have required review and consideration of conditional uses and variances for some properties.  It is not the intent of this review to develop new zoning districts or a new zoning map.  Emphasis will be on the permitted and conditional uses listed in each zoning district.  The Request for Proposal is available on the City’s website

Responses are due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 19, 2021.

Submit all Questions and the Proposals to:

City of Windom
Attn: Andrew Spielman, Building Official
444 9th Street, P.O. Box 38
Windom, MN 56101
Phone:  507-832-8660

Request for Proposals: 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update and West Downtown Vision Plan

The City of De Pere, WI seeks proposals from qualified planning individuals or project teams to prepare an update to the current Comprehensive Plan previously adopted in 2010 and a new West Downtown Vision Plan. The City believes that a large majority of the content is still applicable in the Comprehensive Plan, but this process should update the Comprehensive Plan to retain, revise, renew, or remove the vision, goals, objectives, and policies that will guide the City’s decisions and will incorporate recently approved plans and studies. The process should also update the background information and demographics with the 2020 census information. Furthermore, the Plan should be streamlined to a much more public-friendly and usable document.


RFP Distribution:                                              February 9, 2021

Questions Due:                                                 February 19, 2021

City Responses Due:                                        February 24, 2021

Submittal Deadline (4:00 p.m. CST):             March 5, 2021

City Review of Responses:                              March 8-12, 2021

Interviews (if necessary):                                March 17 & 18, 2021


Respondent shall submit one (1) complete original hard copy proposals and one (1) electronic copy in PDF format on USB Flash Drive of the entire proposal in a sealed package marked with the project name, “ De Pere 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update and West Downtown Vision Plan” on the front of the package.


To be considered, proposals must be received no later than 4:00 PM, Central Time, March 5, 2021, and delivered to:

Daniel Lindstrom, Development Services Director

City of De Pere

335 S. Broadway

De Pere, WI  5411

Request for Proposals: North Concord Zoning Study

The City of South St. Paul has released a Request for Proposal and is seeking a qualified consultant to assist with an update of the North Concord Mixed-Use (NCMU) zoning district, a commercial/residential zoning district that is in place primarily along Concord Street North between Grand Avenue and the City’s northern border with Saint Paul. This is a corridor that the City has identified as being a major redevelopment opportunity. The current NCMU zoning standards were implemented in 2004 and were developed by copying the form-based zoning rules of an existing mixed-use district located elsewhere in the city. The current NCMU standards have proven to be unworkable on Concord Street North due to issues with parcel configuration, topography, and the costliness of the building and site design requirements.

 The selected consultant will assist the City with two goals:

  1.  Developing a cohesive vision regarding redevelopment goals and aesthetics along Concord Street North.
  2.  Implementing that vision by updating the North Concord Mixed-Use (NCMU) zoning district via an ordinance amendment.

 This project is being funded by a grant from the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership, Minnesota Department of Health, and the Dakota County Public Health Department.

 Website Link:

 North-Concord-Mixed-Use-District-Update-Request-for-Proposal-1-12-2021 (

 Submission Deadline:

 Noon on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

 Contact Name and Number

 City Planner Michael Healy



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